First Year Florida

First Year Florida (FYF) is the University of Florida’s signature course for first-year students.  First Year Florida is your guide to academic success.  This one credit course features small class sizes and an upper classmen mentor, a Peer Leader, to help you adjust to your new home.  This isn’t your typical academic course.  With outside engagement, campus involvement, and your peers, you will participate in, and maybe even make your own, gator traditions.  In addition to taking a great class, students who take First Year Florida have an overall higher GPA than their non-First Year Florida peers.  Throughout your first semester, you’ll learn all about what makes it great at UF.

First Year Florida connects students with:

Get the details about invaluable resources, such as the library system or the Career Connections Center. Too often, it takes students years to become acquainted with the services and offices designed to help them. Taking this one-hour course will save countless hours later on.

Faculty and Staff
Get to know a caring and committed university professional. Students can often feel lost in large lecture courses; FYF will help personalize your college classroom experience.

Undergraduate Peer Leaders
Get support from another student who has been there, done that, and accomplished something great in the process. Students tell the story of the university best. First Year Florida connects new students with a successful undergraduate student.

First-Year Students
Get to know other students who are also making the transition from high school to college. Through First Year Florida, new students make the most lasting connection of all- with each other.