Step 1: Complete the Application:

Fill out the online application thoroughly with completed essays, information, recommender information, and preferred one-on-one interview times.

Step 2: Individual Interview

Selected applicants will be invited to a one-on-one interview with a representative of New Student & Family Program, where applicants will be evaluated on their potential to be a successful Lead Educator and/or Peer Mentor

Step 3: Training

All Lead Educators and Peer Mentors must attend Peer Leader Retreat on November4. They will also help facilitate New Peer Leader Retreat on November 5. Lead Educators and mentors must be present for both of these events as they are crucial to the success of their role and new peer leaders.


Peer Mentor Selection Timeline

Friday, September 1Application Opens
Monday, October 9Application Closes
Monday, October 23- Friday October 27Individual Interviews
Wednesday, November 1Notification Day
Saturday, November 4Peer Mentor Retreat
Sunday, November 5Peer Leader Retreat